The Long and Winding Road…Our Tour with Cold War Kids

We recently had the pleasure of playing 3 shows with Cold War Kids on their North American tour.  This is the story of that adventure.
On our first day we traveled to Columbus OH to play to a sold out crowd at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.  After many hours of driving we found our way to the venue and went straight to soundcheck with our newly rented gear.  This was an interesting experience for us as we had to play on entirely newly rented instruments that were as close to our own as possible. The experience was nerve racking and stressful to say the least.  But as they say, the show must go on and did it ever.

The energy at the “LC” was electric and the crowd was extremely welcoming and receptive to the show, making us feel right at home.  After we finished we set out to meet new friends and catch Cold War Kids for the first time on this tour.  Both objectives were met with great results, as we were able to meet so many nice, new people and watched Cold War Kids play an amazing set.  After the show the new friends kept piling up.  While we hung out in the merch area by the exit we were so overwhelmed by the support and picture requests that we received.

(Click on the image below to see the photos from this show).

The next day we headed home to get some rest and get ready for the next show in Toronto.  Before we went home though we couldn’t miss out on spending the afternoon at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

If you’re a fan of music and haven’t been to the rock and roll hall of fame, you need to do something about that fast!  This place is not only full of some of the most important rock and roll artifacts, it’s also a great place to learn about the history of rock and roll in a great and interactive way.  Some of our favourite things we saw included three 1959 Les Paul guitars, Stevie Nicks’ outfit collection, an entire room dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, the guitar that Hotel California was written and recorded on, and well, just about everything else.
You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum but we got some great shots outside and in the lobby (click on the image below to see the photos from this trip)

After we returned to Toronto it was time to get ready for the next show. We were especially excited about this show as we were going to be playing another sold out show in our home town.  With our friends and family in the crowd we felt great playing to so many familiar faces but we were just as excited about the new ones.  Having our own gear back was a big relief and definitely made the show a more enjoyable experience.

Cold War Kids didn’t have the same peaceful road trip up to Toronto as we did.  They managed to fly to Austin the morning after our Columbus show and play a set at SXSW that night.  The next morning they flew up to Toronto and needless to say were a little tired that night at the Phoenix. All that, however, didn’t seem to deter them from bringing even more energy to the stage that night and playing another fantastic set.  This show will definitely be one of our favourites for a while to come.

(click on the image below to see pictures from the Toronto show)

The next and final show on our tour with Cold War Kids was at The Corona Theatre in Montreal.  This venue has to be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever had the pleasure to play.  Not only is it visually great, but the sound is fantastic as well.  More friends and family came out to support us and we had another great time on stage.  As always, the fans were super receptive in Montreal.

(click on the image below to see the pictures from this show)

And that’s it.  3 great shows in 3 great cities with Cold War Kids (a great band).  We had a fantastic time and hope everyone who got to come out did too.

Of course we couldn’t make it home without Liam insisting on getting a double fillet of fish from McDonalds.  See we had seen signs for these things EVERYWHERE, especially while we were down in the US, and we decided that eventually we needed to have one.  Well Liam did and here are the photo’s to prove it.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!  Bye.


The Balconies are a pop rock n roll band based in Toronto, Ontario!
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