The Coffee Shop Project

Do you like good coffee and free music?

If you do, there are 13 coffee shops in Toronto giving away download cards of our new single, Kill Count. 

Here’s a list of participating coffee shops:

– Lit Espresso Bar (810 College St., Toronto)

– Lit Espresso Bar (221 Roncesvalles Ave.,Toronto)

– Jimmy’s Coffee (107 Portland St., Toronto)

– Saving Gigi (859 Bloor St. W, Toronto)

– Capital Espresso (1349 Queen St. W, Toronto)

– Cafe Pamenar (307 Augusta Ave., Toronto)

– Ideal Coffee (84 Nassau St., Toronto)

– Ideal Coffee (162 Ossington Ave., Toronto)

– Niche Coffee and Tea Company (626 Queen St. W, Toronto)

– White Squirrel Coffee (907 Queen St. W,Toronto)

– Bisogno Espresso Bar (61 Sherbourne St., Toronto)

-Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen St. W) 

-7th Sister Bakery (53 Roncesvalles Ave.) 




The Balconies are a pop rock n roll band based in Toronto, Ontario!
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