Here are a few more pictures of us getting ready to hit the road to Halifax.


We have a very strategic method to packing the van! It’s a constant game of Tetris.

I have a reputation for falling asleep in the van so I’m often stuck sitting in the back seat…I got tired of being so far back in the van so I attempted to climb over the seat…


…clearly I failed miserably.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! We were so lucky to have such good driving conditions! Here are a few pictures we took along the way…


We’re here!!!!! The show was such a blast – everyone was dancing and singing along! We always have a great time playing at the Seahorse. Thanks so much to Victor, Troy and all of the bar staff for having us and for being lovely hosts. Special thanks to Shane for doing sound last night as well!Image

For dinner, we went and got some tasty sea treats at the Foggy Goggle next door to the Seahorse. Their mussels were cooked in a yummy white wine and garlic sauce. Couldn’t get enough of these. We also had their chilled lobster salad that was absolutely delicious!!!! Unfortunately, it was devoured before I could take a picture.


Today was another early morning! We met up with our friends from Mixtape Magazine at Ardmore Tea Room for breakfast! Here are a few pictures from our morning…


ImageLiam’s hair has a mind of its own!!!


This is the lovely Hilary! She loves oversized blueberry pancakes! She was kind enough to offer us warm cozy beds and showers!!! Thanks so much for everything Hilary, you’re the best! XO


Smoked salmon eggs benny and the biggest pancakes you will ever see!!! Soooo delish. We love this place!!!


All set to go!!! Bye bye Halifax. Moncton….here we come!


The Balconies are a pop rock n roll band based in Toronto, Ontario!
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One Response to HALIFAX

  1. ONRPEI.CA says:

    Awesome photography! Looks like the you’re enjoying the Maratimes, right on:)

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