We had an unforgettable time in Moncton! We arrived in the early afternoon and spent the day relaxing at Plan B. Definitely a sweet place to hang out. They had delicious homemade food, great beer selections and were playing rad tunes!!! We especially enjoyed discovering Philly and the Flops, and the Divorcees. For lunch, I had their spinach salad and soup – so good!

In the evening, we visited CKUM radio station at the University of Moncton for a quick interview with Marc-Andre Chambers. Thanks so much for having us on the show, Marc-Andre it was great meeting you! The rest of the night was chaotic, sweaty and so much FUN! We played with Robyn Dell’unto, Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers, and the Town Heroes. Our friends from Mixtape Magazine also came out again to the show – what a treat! Big thanks to everyone who came out, for dancing and singing along with us! We’ll be back soon! Here are some pictures we took throughout our night.

After the show, we headed over to CUT THROAT PIZZA for some highly recommended POUTINE PIZZA! The pizza was fresh out of the oven and so AMAZING!!!

We slept above the bar and woke up for another delicious meal at Plan B!
J Bird made us all breakfast burritos! Every single one of the staff members at Plan B made our visit in Moncton one to remember. Thank you so much Tracy, Brock, Jay Bird, Cody, Keegan and all of the other staff for your hospitality and graciousness. We can’t thank you enough!

The wonderful owner, Tracy!

J Bird, Tracy and Brock!

The whole gang!!! Thanks you guys!!! XO


The Balconies are a pop rock n roll band based in Toronto, Ontario!
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5 Responses to MONCTON MADNESS!

  1. You guys were so sweet, nice and polite. We wish you success and happiness on your travels! You will be fondly remembered at Plan b and hope you return sometime soon! Until then your presence will always be with us with your wonderful signature on our wall! Thank you for coming to Plan b and for the fantastic show!

  2. cody hartley says:

    You guys friggin killed it! Really look forward to having you guys are plan b family now. keep in touch! BBQ at my place…

  3. fouraught says:

    Now thats how you prishiate n rekonize!!

  4. Keegan says:

    It was definitely a pleasure having you guys play at our bar! Looking forward to seeing you guys/hanging out in the future!!

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