Balconies Busking on 6th East St.
Photo by: Aaron Brody

Words cannot express how inspiring and exciting SXSW was! We had such an amazing time – not only being a part of the festival, but also seeing the sights in Austin. We absolutely fell in love with the city, the people, the food…and of course SXSW and all it’s chaos!

We just want to make a few shout outs and thank yous to everyone who made this week  possible and to everyone (including the bands) who made the past week unforgettable! Big thanks to Daniel Bray, Zohar Gewing, Audioblood media, Coalition, Chris at Sailor’s Grave tattoo, Hands and Teeth, The Elwins, Zeus, Bahamas, The Shining, Foxy Shazam, Ben Caplan, Charlotte Cornfield, CMW, Trinity Hall/Canada House, Malverde, Bar 512 and the Audio tree crew…and big thanks to the Austin police for not completely shutting us down while we were busking!!!

Here are the memories Liam and I captured during the rest of our road trip (I was so happy we got to visit Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee along the way!!!) and over the course of our week in Austin, Texas at SXSW! Thanks again…Y’all! XO

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The Balconies are a pop rock n roll band based in Toronto, Ontario!
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